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Security systems for business

The advantage with using The Alarm People for your business security needs are that we have superior experience in these fields over the past 20 years.



We can design and install any system that your business requires.At The Alarm People we have delivered a myriad of solutions to the following industries



Large dwellings

Retail outlets

Jewellery stores

Automotive Industry

Wholesale/commercial refrigerated goods

Medical facilities



The Alarm People can establish security CCTV systems and applications for your business, that can bolster whether information within your enterprise, which will generate a reluctance to theft within your workplace.Whether it be retail, wholesale, or trade facilities even point of sale concepts we have every angle covered.The Alarm People also can formulate access control measures.These systems demonstrate the access to particular locations within the workplace indicating who, when and at what time and date someone has accessed an area therefore generating a discontinued attitude to theft or wrong doing.This concept is adopted by installing access control units within secure areas and doors, and workers need to display a card at a door for it to open only cardholder is authorised to.These systems even indicate whether a denied access attempt has been breached, who the user was what time, and date this was attempted.


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