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Nothing can ever prepare us for the experience we go through when we become a victim of a burglary, fire or malicious damage but you can help prevent this from happening by installing a quality security system.

If you’re burgled, the terrifying ordeal and feelings of being violated are just some of the things you will have to deal with, and the fact that a stranger has been in your family home can be extremely upsetting. We never think that it will happen to us!

Records indicate that across Australia, nearly 420,000 burglaries took place just last year, or that is one every 1.25 minutes. It is only a matter of time before a thief targets your home or business and steals irreplaceable valuables.

There are measures you can take to help protect yourself, your family / business and the property you have spent your life working so hard for. Here are just some examples of what you can do to minimize the risk of burglary.

Outside the Home

·         Install a good quality and reliable electronic security system/burglar alarm

·         Try not to leave empty packing boxes for appliances etc., outside your home for all to see.

·         Remove or trim trees or shrubs that obscure windows or doors from the street.

·         Burglaries whilst  the occupant is at home is on the rise so try to eliminate risk by removing valuables from around         your property, such as lawn mowers bicycles etc

·         Try to keep in touch with your neighbor, they can be very helpful keeping an eye  out whilst your away

·         Security lighting with movement activation at night.

·         Option of installing a CCTV camera system(see who is at your property when you can’t be there)

Holiday Times

·         When on holidays arrange for a neighbor or relative to remove any mail from your mail box. Have your lawn taken care     of, and if possible, try arranging for a car to be left in the driveway every few days. (Even if it’s a neighbors’ vehicle)      Burglars look for homes that are unoccupied and an un-kept lawn and overflowing mail box is a dead giveaway.

·         Organize for your news papers and milk from being delivered whilst you’re away.

·         Inside your home put your lights, TV or stereo on a timer so that it looks and sounds like someone is home.

·         Arrange with a neighbor to bring your garbage bins off the nature strip. A rubbish bin left outside for long periods is also   a sign for a thief that no one is home. It is also a good idea to have your neighbor deposit some rubbish in your bin and   bring it out on garbage collection day.

·         Leave your curtains or drapes slightly open. If they are fully closed for a length of time a thief will notice.

·         Don't tell strangers that you will be away.


·         We recommend replacing all external hollow-core doors with solid doors.

·         Ensure the doors and door- jambs are in good condition and are constructed of a strong material. Quality locks are      useless if the door or door jamb will easily fail.

·         Ensure door hinges are on the inside of the door and not the outside. A thief can easily tap out the hinge pins.

·         Never add timber or metal rods to the tracks of sliding windows or doors.(Thieves can easily get around this)

·         Install quality key locked systems to all windows

·          Install quality double keyed deadlocks to all external doors (key should be accessible by everyone in the house in the    event of fire).

·         Install key lockable patio drop bolts to external sliding doors.

·         A quality alarm system is the best deterrent for thieves. The alarm should consist of motion sensors and reed switches   on external doors, internal and external sirens and external blue strobe light. Ideally it should be a monitored alarm with   back to base response.

·         Security stickers should be prominently displayed on windows.


·         Always lock doors and windows at all times when leaving the house.(Even if your only popping out for ten minutes)

·         Try to become an active member of your “Neighborhood Watch”
program in your local area.

·         Never allow people to gain access inside your house UN announced or without notice.

·         Consider engraving your valuables with your driver's license number on items.

·         Make a comprehensive list of your contents with serial numbers for easy identification if recovered.

·         Your valuables should not be easily seen through a window.

·         Install peepholes in the external doors.

·         Ask for identification from any stranger who arrives at your door.

·         Don't forget to lock your garage or garden shed. The frequency of thefts is increasing in these areas yet security is    often poor.

·         Don't hide a key in the mail box, under or in a pot plant, an electricity box or under a doormat or rock. These are the    first places a thief looks.

·         NEVER attach an identification tag with your name and address on your keys.

·         If there is a chance a previous tenant or owner may have a key, always change the locks.

·         Be on the lookout for people acting suspiciously in the street


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